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I'm Tiina. By day I work with computers in travel sector, by nights I rearrange my little home and find inspiration for any interior project that I might currently have { including the imaginary ones }

Originally from Helsinki but been living in Sweden for the last 11 years. I have a passion for travelling, and I'm fortunate to do it. A lot. I've lived in Shanghai so Asian cultures are quite close to my heart. In my mind I'm a chic Parisian, loving Chanel { I wear the lipstic and perfume, good enough substitute before I go crazy with the handbags }, I'm a NY business woman { never been there but I'm sure I'd melt in }, I'm a leave-your-high-heels-at-home-backpacker girl who loves adventure and bumpy bus rides in Asia. I'm a cozy cup cake baking mum of hundred kids yet I don't have any of my own. I'm also a Scandinavian wannabe designer { I will be a real one } with the love for textiles, wallpapers, and all pretty things. I've heard I'm very perceptive person with a great deal of imagination. Oh, and I consider London as my third home, just after Helsinki and Stockholm!

My favorite color for clothes is black and for interiors it's white, but I never quite manage to stick to those colors. So, my home is a mix of what-ever-I-find-beautiful-at-the-moment and that moment changes a lot. I'm also totally blog nerd and just cannot understand people who don't share my obsession.

Well, glad you came here. Have a look at my interviews here and here! Say hello on my blog before you go!


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I am a huge fan of designers, architects, illustrators, and all kind of crafty and creative people, so I will feature many of my favourite characters and sources of inspiration on my blog. Are you a designer? Send me email and show me your creatures, I'd be so happy to hear from you!

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